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London: Palgrave Macmillan.

For over a century 'imperialism' has been a key concept in Left theory and politics, connoting both the aggressiveness and the characteristics of modern capitalism. This book aims at presenting and assessing imperialism as a theoretical concept. Since a variety of different definitions are assigned to the notion of imperialism, it is necessary to put to the test the rigour of these definitions.

The authors of this volume provide a comprehensive evaluation, focussing specifically on the tension between Marx's theoretical system of the Critique of Political Economy and the theories of capitalist expansion and domination that emerge out of the various discourses on imperialism. This book is indispensable reading for post-graduates studying Political Economy and for all those seeking to understand the workings of capitalism. Policies Disclaimer.


London CNN Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's opposition Labour Party, has come under fire after it emerged that he wrote a foreword to a century-old book that has been branded anti-Semitic. JLM's statement on tonight's revelations about Jeremy Corbyn's foreword to an antisemitic book. My advice to any Labour MP today: refuse to defend Jeremy Corbyn lauding a book containing classic antisemitic tropes. If he wants to defend the indefensible he should go on the airwaves and defend himself.

Why should we still study J. A. Hobson’s Imperialism?

He has a responsibility to explain himself. Jeremy Corbyn endorsed book that peddles racist stereotypes of Jewish financiers and imperialism as "brilliant" and a "great tome". He is completely unfit to lead the Labour Party.

Imperialism: a study

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Prof. Richard Toye and Dr. Marc-William Palen discuss J.A. Hobson's book "Imperialism"

Jeremy Corbyn described John A. Hobson's book "Imperialism: A Study" as a "great tome.

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The book, written by the English economist and critic of imperialism John A. Hobson, claimed that Europe's financial and political institutions were controlled by "men of a single and peculiar race" who were in a "unique position to control the policy of nations. Hobson also referred to the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish family who established a banking empire in the s, and questioned whether a "great war could be undertaken by any European State" if the family or its connections "set their face against it?