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Lesson 9 How To Wear Hats For Formal Occasions

Formals - a headpiece can be worn to your high school formal, prom, debutant, ball or gala event that provides some fun and luxury to your evening wear. Lots of ladies enjoy this sumptuous experience. A glass of bubbles, cucumber sandwiches, pastries and petit fours. Why not incorporate some stylish fascinators as part of your outfit to add some glamour and elegance to your next high tea event?

Weddings —bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, guests and brides themselves can all wear fascinators, headbands or simple headpieces for the special day. Vintage - for a gorgeous retro look, fascinators that include veiling, pill boxes, flowers, tulle and polka dots create a s stunning vintage look. Check-out the amazing Vintage carnivals and events across the globe for inspiration. Leave a Comment Name. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. The key to putting on the hat that first time is feeling confident, and for many, the key to confidence is having expert help in selecting the hat.

A hat is a lot like a wedding dress — when you put on the right one, you will get all smiley and feel feminine inside! Kathleen has a some helpful rules of thumb for hat wearing some of you might be interested to read. I think her advice to choose a neutral hat you feel comfortable with is an excellent idea. In this spirit, I thought it would be fun to look at some neutral royal hats that any of us could wear today.

I have randomly put together 10 winter and summer hats winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and summer for our lucky friends in the Southern Hemisphere - in the comments, let us know if will soon be winter or summer where you live, and which one of these royal hats you could see yourself actually. Feel free to include links to other royal hats not included here. Please tell us where you might wear this hat, and what you might pair it with.

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NOTE- while I have not included hats worn by royal gentleman, I hope our male readers will join in this discussion with links to their favourite hats as well. I always like looking at the etsy shop Makowski Millinery. I tried to choose something I could see myself wearing!

Personalised sun hats

I am in southern California so it does not get very cold though in the winter. This is a world when you have to make your own hat occasions. If you wait for a wedding or someone else to wear a hat, you will wait too long. A day without a hat worn is a day wasted. I started with church then branched out to every day in and out of the office. And no need to stick with the boring ones — people love a fascinator or saucer even if no one else is wearing one. Everyone says they wish they had the courage to wear a hat. I say, someone has to lead.

And I am that someone. My hats have come from inheritance, etsy, department stores, and even one from lock and co.

To stand ahead of the crowd visit Ahead4hats

But, by far, most come from making them myself. That way I can match my outfits and style. I buy materials like untrimmed hat bases and combs. And then I just add on the trimmings I like.. I end up ordering from Britain and Australia as well as US sources for the materials. You have to get them from a millinery supply for it not to look terrible. All these links are so great! My son is 11 and loves hats — he wears one almost every day, usually a fedora-type hat that we got at Target we have several , but sometimes a wool newsboy or a tweed flat cap.

In kindergarten, he wore a top hat every day until it fell apart. We have many dressup or costume hats too. But for some reason, though I love hats, I myself have never worn more than a winter hat on snowy days or to church on holidays in the Diana years.

But really who knows? I live in New York and a lot of people here wear very stylish and trendy winter hats. If I was going to wear a hat, I really like the gray one Princess Claire is wearing. I think gray also looks better on most people than black. I have always been a hat wearer. I loved funny hats when I was a child multicolor hats, bright yellow beret, etc.

When I was a student, I used to wear a big natural straw capeline in summer, and tie a ribbon around the crown to match my outfit of the day.

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I always got complimented! I also wear a traditional French beret almost every winter day. My twin sister has a collection of beautiful winter hats a red cloche, a black wool hat with round crown, wide brim and bow, etc. But I expect at least half of that next year, and I should be able to wear a different head gear to each. And I am lucky enough to be invited to weddings where a hat is appreciated. Thanks for this post, Hat Queen! What a beautiful hat! It reminds me a little of the hat Queen Mathilde wore last year to the Luxembourg Royal wedding.

How can you remember all these hats!? I live in the northern hemisphere in Oregon and would chose the winter hats worn by Autumn Phillips, Maria Teresa and Princess Caroline. I love the cloche style and fedora style. I like wearing hats when it is cold to keep my head warm and cozy, and when I go shopping they hide a bad hair day and look stylish! I actually bought a new animal print cloche to wear this winter and cannnot wait to adorn it. Not everyone in the nrohtern hemisphere needs a winter hat! I spend the winter in Arizona and need a summer hat!

Light color summer hats are OK but I like other neutral color ones better.

Top hat - Wikipedia

I just love the navy hat Princess Benedikte wore this summer. I think the smaller brimmed hats are better for every day wearing.

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  5. Here is another nice summer hat. Here in North Dakota these hats are all too dressy but they sure are pretty!

    HAT H11712

    The only royal hat that I could ever really wear are the fur trimmed ones Camilla wears. This is excellent paired with a coat as well. Perfect for my newly purchased Panama Hat! I just have to avoid any passing showers! Fantastic post! I am in the northern hemisphere.

    I want that purple hat the Grand Duchess is wearing! I have a dress that color that would go perfectly, but I also agree with others that this would look fabulous with just about any neutral as well. This season is all about the animal print. It would also look fabulous on any woman regardless of age or body type.

    Go out and get a hat like this girls! I like to have a neutral straw hat that I can wear in the summertime. Does anyone have any ideas for a nice looking rain hat? Most rain hats are so ugly. I feel your pain. Isotoner has some nice rain hats. I bought this red tam from William Chambers 2 years ago and I wear it all winter long.

    It was a bit expensive but it was really worth it as I wear it every day on my commute to work! I wear it with jeans, with a black dress coat and everything in between.